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Chef Bennett Fass

Chef Bennett Fass

Chef and owner Bennett Fass began his restaurant career at 14 years of age making pizza dough in a small Italian restaurant in Franklin Square, NY. As a young boy, Bennett and his family dined frequently in Manhattan restaurants where Bennett would always ask the chef if he could see the kitchen!  Bennett always knew he enjoyed creating food to please his family and friends.  Fass was born in Brooklyn, NY and earned his degree in Culinary Arts from the State University of New York at Cobleskill.

Prior to his career as chef/owner/entrepreneur, Bennett’s experience came from years of working at exclusive clubs and restaurants around the country. Bennett also worked as a chef for some of the finest hotels including the Westin and Four Seasons. Fass has proven time and time again, throughout his career in culinary arts, not to disappoint. During his tenure as an Executive Chef for a Sporting & Entertainment Venue, Fass not only reinvented the standard of Premium Dining, but also commanded one high profile event after another.  During his tenure as Executive Chef, some of the high profile events included, The Republican National Convention, Stanley Cup Finals, The Israel 50th Anniversary Celebration and a Democratic Fund Raiser which included dinner for then President Bill Clinton.   

After success with many ventures, Bennett longed for a restaurant to call his own. He joined his wife, Christine, to open Casa Prego. We welcome you to come and experience Bennett’s passion for cooking at Casa Prego!